Alpha Flight (1983) #5


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1st appearance of Elizabeth Twoyoungmen as a baby (later becomes Talisman)

Origin of Shaman (Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen)

“What Fools These Mortals Be…” – At a hospital in Fort Albany, Michael Twoyoungmen treats his comrade Puck for injuries he sustained at the hands of the feral Marrina. He combines his medical knowledge with that of Sarcee mysticism in order to reduce Judd’s pain.

Later that night, the painkillers wear off, and Puck begins suffering terribly from his wounds. He tries to summon a nurse, but no one responds. Getting out of bed, he scampers down the hall to the nurse’s station where he stumbles upon Nurse Daly. She appears flustered and fumbling about with several vials of painkillers. Puck suspects that she may be an addict.

The following day, Puck consults with Chief Administrator Dr. Craigborne. Craigborne wants to call the police concerning Daly’s possible drug problem, but Judd suspects that the issue may be larger than just “one junkie nurse”. He asks Craigborne to give him forty-eight hours to resolve the mystery.

That night, Judd catches Nurse Daly meeting with her supplier. He tracks them back to a boathouse and gets into a fight with two drug dealers. He succeeds in defeating them, but also manages to tear open his stitches. Pucks passes out onto the floor.

He awakens back inside his bed at the Fort Albany hospital. He speaks with Dr. Craigborne and a detective named Sgt. McNamara. McNamara has concluded that Nurse Daly was the actual ringleader of the entire drug operation. After McNamara leaves, Craigborne attempts to give Judd a sedative. Puck realizes that the needle is actually filled with insulin and punches Craigborne. He knows that Craigborne is the true ringleader of the drug operation and was letting Nurse Daly take the fall. Puck calls Sgt. McNamara to come back and pick up the corrupt doctor.

“Origins of Alpha Flight: Deathwatch” – 15 years ago Doctor Michael Twoyoungmen visits the hut of his aging grandfather, a Sarcee medicine man. The old man wants Michael to learn the rites of ancient Sarcee mysticism, but Michael considers himself a modern man, and wants nothing to do with the old traditions.

Returning home, he discovers that his wife, Kathryn is sick. He visits Dr. Bassaraba who informs her that her condition is terminal. Refusing to give up hope, Michael transfers her to another hospital where he can begin administering care to her personally. Their young daughter, Elizabeth, asks if Kathryn is going to be okay, and Michael makes her a promise that her mother will be fine. Her condition takes a turn for the worse however, and Kathryn passes away. Elizabeth, distraught by her mother’s death, blames Michael for breaking his promise and runs out of the room.
That same day, Michael learns that his grandfather has passed away as well. 

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