Black Panther (1977) #4


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“Friends or Foes” – (17-page story) – The Black Panther, Abner Little and Princess Zanda are trapped in the treasure room of King Solomon’s temple. A robotic warrior guardian emerges and tries to kill them. Mister Little discovers a disintegration box and destroys the Guardian. Princess Zanda tries to take back the Brass Frogs, but the Black Panther snatches them from her grasp and destroys them. The explosion of the Brass Frogs sets off a cave-in, and the three adventurers race to find a safer corridor of the temple. They come upon a strange flying chariot, and pilot it out of the temple before the entire building collapses upon itself.

Outside the ruins of King Solomon’s temple, Princess Zanda’s mercenary troops are waiting with a helicopter. They gather the adventurers together and take them to Narobia. The Black Panther prepares to split ties with Little and Zanda as he has no more use for their treasure hunting adventures.

Princess Zanda introduces them to a group of men known as the Collectors – a society of antiquities traders that study the ancient mysteries. Princess Zanda presents a map to Abner Little detailing the location of the lair of the Sacred Samurai. Little is instantly intrigued and begs the Panther’s help in going on another quest. The Black Panther however, has no interest in these Collectors.

NOTE: Although it appears as if King Solomon’s Frogs are destroyed in this issue, they actually appear again and become a major plot tool in Black Panther (vol. 3) beginning with issue #42. 

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