Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen #1


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The Apocalypse falls on the last town in creation, and the Horseman, Famine, is its harbinger.  In Last Ride for Horsemen, Famine arrives in the form of a monstrous Plowman and sets forth to reap devastation by the edge of his plowshare and by the hoof of his Hellish workhorse! He is challenged only by a small cadre of townsfolk – an arrogant tycoon, a socialite mayor, a hardened sheriff, and a grizzled hired gun. Can they bring themselves to harness a force potentially more deadly than the Plowman to have a mere chance to repel him?

Last Ride for Horsemen is a stand-alone, Western comic with a Steampunk edge, written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious CircusThe Absentee, Scissor Sisters, Roadkill du Jour), with art by Nathan Smith and colors by Gavin Michelli (Arcana Studios’ The Book).  It is the first of four such stand-alone volumes, each spotlighting the onslaught of a distinct Horseman of the Apocalypse re-imagined as an archetypal denizen of the Wild West! 20 Pages.

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