Over the Ropes (2019) #1 (Local Comic Shop Day Variant)


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(W) Jay Sandlin (A) Antonello Cosentino (CA) Patrick Mulholland
Here’s your chance to catch Mad Cave’s Southern Fried wrestling story a month before the release with our Local Comic Shop Day exclusive variant by Patrick Mulholland!

Step Over the Ropes and into 1990s wrestling. Set in a fictional world, Over the Ropes dives into sports entertainment’s biggest era. A young high-flyer named Jason Lynn goes off-script in a match to win the world title and sets the southern territory on fire as the face-painted wrestler, Phoenix.
Jason’s battles between the ropes are only outperformed by his struggles outside the ring. First dates. Crooked promoters. Cage matches. Factions and families. No matter what problems smack him with a steel chair, Jason lives by his catchphrase: I. Will. Rise.

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